Customer Testimonials

Hi Scott...

I would like to express our greatest appreciation for everything you have done for us. I wanted to say a few things about my experience with you for others who might be considering the same.
I came across Scotts Bowers' personal website while doing extensive research about Costa Rica. I found a wealth of information I was looking for on his site and even more in his book. Having many good laughs along the way reading the book I was also developing the belief that I found the agent I wanted to work with. 
One day I inquired about one of Scott's listings on his website and the rest is history. His immense knowledge of the local area, diligent and professional work got us successfully to the closing table. We will be forever grateful that we met Scott as we enjoy our retirement in Paradise.
Ilana Goldstein-Hunt and Mark Hunt

After first reading Scott Bowers' e-book, The Definitive Guide to Costa Rica Expat Living, I just knew we had to contact him regarding our upcoming trip to Costa Rica. 

First off, his book pretty much told us all one needs to know about Costa Rica, climate, culture, what it's like to live there, among many other things. 
We were planning on taking a little trip to check things out and see if this is where we would want to live.  We really weren't sure what part of Costa Rica we wanted to visit, even after talking with friends who lived there and visited there.  His book piqued our interest in the Southern Zone, so that's where we decided to go.  Our intent was to spend a little over a week there, relaxing as well as checking out different properties to see what was available.
I sent Scott an e-mail and he answered me the same day.  He helped us with our accommodations and phoned and e-mailed us several times before we left.   Our accommodations were everything we hoped for and more, a beautiful, spacious condo in Dominical with a huge ocean view.  Once we arrived and settled in, we told him we'd like to see some properties and what our requirements were.  He did everything we asked and more; took us to several properties, took us to two beaches, and even took us to the pharmacy so my husband could get some pain medication for an unfortunate foot injury he had.  Scott was extremely helpful, personable, and knowledgeable. 
Little did we know that he would help us find our dream house in Ojochal!  We had no intention of buying a home on this visit, but that's exactly what we did!  We just couldn't pass it up and are ecstatic that it's now a reality.  Scott helped us with everything by introducing us to the right people that we would need to make this all possible -- lawyer, escrow agent, the company in the U.S. that would handle setting up the IRA and transferring the money.  He even arranged a home inspection.  Not only did he know who to contact, but he helped us through every step of the way, calling and e-mailing and letting us know what to do next.
We couldn't have asked for anyone better and I am so pleased that I've already given his info to a friend of mine who is seriously considering moving to Costa Rica!
Jim and Diane Ferraro

Scott helped us find our dream home in Costa Rica!

As a fellow Realtor, fully well knowing buyers don't always know what they want or communicate such when they first begin their search. Scott with his geographical and community knowledge of the region showed us a wide variety of locations and property types. 

No pressure, just a good old fashioned, get to know you and the things you like, kind of setting for our home search.
More than willing to assist with closing details if you happen to be out of country leading up to the sale. Thank you Scott!
Pura Vida!
Steve and Rhonda Gilkey