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I’ve been an expat in Costa Rica for a long time now, 20 years almost! From a purely physical perspective being an expat means absence from one’s home country and long-term presence in some foreign country. However, to be an expat has more than just physical connotations… What does it mean to be a Costa […]

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4/25/2021 6:32:20 PM

I’ll admit from the outset, that title is pure clickbait… since there is no correct answer! This is a continuation of posts I’ve been writing lately, largely motivated by questions and comments I see posted in various Costa Rica expat-oriented Facebook groups… Other articles in the series (so far) are: 10 Tips for a Successful […]

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4/6/2021 1:48:18 PM

I recently saw a Facebook post that was a rant concerning the many “neophyte” expats out there offering Costa Rica online advice via social network blogging and vlogging. The post was written by Chris Howard, a guy who’s been running group relocation tours since the beginning of time… When it comes to Costa Rica relocation, […]

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3/29/2021 12:48:56 PM

There are a lot of North Americans down here these days doing “exploratory trips.” And it’s apparent to me that some are doing it right, while others are doing it, in many ways, wrong… So, here are 10 Tips for a successful Costa Rica exploratory trip that will help you avoid some very common mistakes […]

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3/22/2021 8:46:27 AM

“Help Me Help You”, the immortal words from the great film, Jerry MaGuire, also provide wise guidance for helping your Costa Rica real estate agent help you… My last post offered some advice on how to move to Costa Rica, in 4 simple steps… Step 2 was choose your agent. So, obviously in my humble […]

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2/28/2021 2:59:14 PM





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