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I came here 21 years ago for one simple reason, to make money. I didn’t even know Costa Rica existed until I was hired to broker a fairly large business deal here… But I stayed for completely different reasons. These days everyone seems to want to move here. The country is experiencing a wave of […]

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5/22/2022 7:01:33 PM

On April 11, 2020, less than a month after Costa Rica closed its borders on March 16, I posted that there could be a “silver-lining” with regard to the effects of the pandemic on the Costa Rica real estate market. Did my prediction come true? You betcha it did! Granted, it wasn’t until the latter […]

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1/4/2022 9:51:31 AM

Moving your life to a foreign country can be a harrowing endeavor. And that’s especially the case for acute worry-warts! Here’s a post on 10 things newbie Costa Rica expats worry about designed to help those who tend to get too anxious about all the “little” things that could go wrong… 1. Theft Yes, there’s […]

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8/22/2021 6:19:29 PM

I read so much yada yada on the Costa Rica cost of living that I thought I outta chime in… For a bit of background: I’ve lived here for two decades. I was a permanent resident for the majority of that time and as of last year, a naturalized citizen. I was born in the […]

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7/2/2021 2:25:15 PM

The real estate market in Costa Rica, pretty much everywhere you look, is booming! This is no joke. If you’re thinking of jumping in, it will not pay to wait… The market in many areas, especially those beachy and touristy ones, has already flipped from a buyer’s to a seller’s market. Demand is beginning to […]

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5/23/2021 3:24:27 PM