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I guess I could be accused of being somewhat of a “Pollyanna” when it comes to Costa Rica. I mean even the name of my old blog, 365 Reasons I Love Costa Rica, used to invoke nausea in some of my less optimistic perusers. I mean, some of you are probably thinking, come on Costa […]

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11/26/2020 12:37:25 PM

2020 has definitely been a strange year… It all started out fairly normal. Then in March after Donald Trump announced, on that infamous TV broadcast to the nation, a closing of borders to Europe, Costa Rica slammed its own doors shut, right in the middle of tourism “high” season… And things have pretty much been […]

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10/24/2020 1:49:16 PM

Being one of those “dastardly” Costa Rica realtors myself, it sort of smarts (and makes my blood boil a bit) whenever I read, in one of the many Costa Rica expat Facebook groups, the “sage” advice that one should NEVER EVER use a realtor in Costa Rica… After all I am a U.S. borne and […]

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8/1/2020 4:20:28 PM

Darn! We were doing a pretty good job here in Costa Rica, in terms of the collective effort towards taming the COVID-19 bug… and then June happened! Costa Rica now has one of the highest reproduction numbers (R0) in Latin American at 1.97. Our daily case numbers are skyrocketing, with one day this past week […]

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7/11/2020 3:55:14 PM

Costa Rica’s borders remain closed, officially through July 30. However, most folks in the know will tell you that borders will probably not reopen then… When will Costa Rica reopen is anyone’s guess at this point. And that’s a problem, especially for tourism… Tourism represents an important chunk of Costa Rica’s overall economy. It is […]

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6/21/2020 5:45:41 PM





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