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There are probably many contemplating an expat move now wondering what will happen with COVID-19 and Costa Rica. I’ve written this post to provide you with the basic facts of the situation down here, as well as a few of my opinions on what this all means going forward… COVID-19 and Costa Rica – first […]

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3/22/2020 1:29:09 PM

My real estate clients often complain about the Costa Rica MLS system, or rather the lack thereof… But, wait, we do have an MLS system. At least that’s what we longingly call it. It just operates a little (well, a lot) different than what you might be used to… The typical MLS (or “multiple listing […]

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3/4/2020 3:40:31 PM

Perez Zeledon is a cantón (or county) in the southern zone of Costa Rica. It is probably best known for its principle city, San Isidro de El General. However, the ticos that live in this area will almost always tell you that they live in Perez, as opposed to San Isidro. The valley where San […]

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2/25/2020 11:40:55 AM

After ten years of permanent Costa Rica residency (as well as marriage to a tica), this year I decided to become a citizen. I figured since I’ll be buried here, I might as well have the right to vote! Granted, becoming a naturalized citizen is a bit different than getting a residency. Naturalization is a […]

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11/16/2019 11:40:46 AM

I was having a beer last night with a friend when an older gentleman, who used to be a neighbor of mine when I first moved to Perez Zeledon, happened by. He proceeded to tell a harrowing story about how he had recently been viciously attacked… He’d been playing (and winning) in the local casino. […]

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11/9/2019 11:29:24 AM





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