We have been working with Scott for about a year and a half on our search for land in Costa Rica. Scott really listened to our (sometimes shifting) criteria and let us know about any properties that might be a good fit. Finally, a property we had been interested in dropped dramatically in price. Scott notified us right away and we put in an offer the next day! He worked hard to ensure our offer was crafted in such a way as to maximize the likelihood of acceptance—and it worked! But his real work for us came in the weeks that followed as he guided us step by step through the process. He recommended an excellent attorney and escrow company and stayed on top of all the due diligence to ensure we could close as soon as possible. He even went with us to the closing. We ended up closing within a month which is almost unheard of. We were very grateful for all his help and guidance and highly recommend him—particularly if you are looking to buy in the mountains.

Anders & Tannah Broman,

I was leery buying a home in Costa Rica. Scott made the process almost enjoyable. He found my perfect home. I highly recommend Scott, he is well known, in this area, for his level of integrity.

Daniel W. Ray, M.S. L.P.C.,

One day I inquired about one of Scott's listings on his website and the rest is history. His immense knowledge of the local area, diligent and professional work got us successfully to the closing table. We will be forever grateful that we met Scott as we enjoy our retirement in paradise.

Ilana Goldstein-Hunt and Mark Hunt,

In all the excitement of moving to Costa Rica and setting up our new home, I have been remiss in sending you a big “Thank You!”. I have some sense of how busy Scott Bowers is but we always felt we had your full attention whenever we needed it and Scott Bowers never rushed us. Making such a large decision from Canada had the potential to go sideways in countless ways.

Vickie and Charles,

If you're going to the southern part of Costa Rica or looking to buy then I highly recommend Scott Bowers. You definitely won't regret it.

Angela Spraakman-Weed,

We couldn't have asked for anyone better and I am so pleased that I've already given his info to a friend of mine who is seriously considering moving to Costa Rica!

Jim and Diane Ferraro,

Having decided to realise our dreams and move to Costa Rica, we were lucky enough to meet Scott. Scott was able to get us round every property we wanted to see (listed with different companies). He gathered pertinent information before and after visits (which he accompanied us on), and liaised directly with listing agents and property owners, which made life very simple for us. We dealt with Scott and he dealt with everyone and everything else. Scott is genuine, easy going, patient, low pressure and very knowledgeable about Costa Rica and the way things work here. He connected us to the right people and took us through the whole process of buying a property from start to finish. Without Scott's help we could never have found our dream home here in Costa RIca. If you do one thing here in Costa Rica related to property purchase, let it be connecting fully with Scott, believe me, it will save you time, money and aggravation.

David and Red,

Scott is vastly knowledgeable, a through professional. He made our purchase and transition easy. We totally trust him. He operates in the spirit we are accustomed to in the United States were the clients needs are superior to his own. He is creative and forward thinking, he listened to our desires and produced just the right options for us. If you work with Scott, you can be assured that everything is correct and drama free.


Scott Bowers helped us to purchase our house in Costa Rica. Scott was very responsive and specific, always answering the phone, or returning phone calls right away. He is a very nice person to work with and he was very professional and amiable when showing us the properties while we were in the country. He helped us to negotiate the deal on the property we have selected and also introduced us to a local RE attorney and assisted us in preparing documents needed to finalize the transaction while we were back in the USA. He provided help with things substantially above and beyond his responsibilities as a RE agent, such as setting up a bank account in CR. His book, “The Definitive Guide to Costa Rica Expat Living”, is a must read for anybody thinking about RE in Costa Rica. I strongly recommend him.

Michael Sigalovsky,

We had little time but we knew what we were looking for. Scott found and showed us a few properties that were within the requirements. Within days we put down the offer and bought the property. Scott helped us with the complicated process of buying in a foreign country. Thanks to him the process was smooth and pretty fast. After we took possession there was a period of several months before we were able to really take possession of the property. We needed time to take care of things from home in Canada. Scott took care of the property by keeping an eye on it and organizing basic maintenance – cutting the grass, dealing with the mud-slide blocking the driveway, etc. We are immensely grateful for his service, which went way beyond his duty as an agent.

Peter and Grace Borowiak,

Scott helped us find our dream home in Costa Rica! As a fellow Realtor, fully well knowing buyers don't always know what they want or communicate such when they first begin their search. Scott with his geographical and community knowledge of the region showed us a wide variety of locations and property types. No pressure, just a good old fashioned, get to know you and the things you like, kind of setting for our home search. More than willing to assist with closing details if you happen to be out of country leading up to the sale. Thank you Scott! Pura Vida!

Steve and Rhonda Gilkey,