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I am a naturalized citizen of Costa Rica. I first arrived (from the U.S.) in 2001 to broker a deal that sold one of the country’s premier private universities to a U.S. publicly-held education company. Since 2004 I’ve arranged eco-intensive Costa Rica vacation tours to locations throughout the country, as well as Nicaragua, Panama and Colombia. In addition to serving as an agent with the Coldwell Banker Dominical Realty team since 2015, I offer Expat Consulting and conduct guided Expat Tours.

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quote quote We couldn't have asked for anyone better and I am so pleased that I've already given his info to a friend of mine who is seriously considering moving to Costa Rica! Jim and Diane Ferraro

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02/06/2024 5 Signs the Costa Rica Real Estate Market is Poised for a Rebound

Let’s face it, so far 2024 has been a bust for the Costa Rica real estate market…Writing as a full-time Costa Rica realtor, when you go through one of these luckless downturns, it’s easy to start thinking, what the F am I doing wrong?And believe me, that thought has been entering my mind too damn much lately. And we all know that such negative thinking rarely...

23/05/2024 Costa Rica Real Estate Terms You Ought to Know

Doing a real estate deal in Costa Rica is not so different than what you’re used to back home. However, one aspect that can make it seem so is the terminology. I’ve listed below ten Costa Rica real estate terms you ought to know. You will probably hear most of them during the course of your real estate activity in Costa Rica. Some are simply Spanish translations of...

20/05/2024 What Exactly is “The Real Costa Rica?”

I had an interesting exchange with a fellow realtor the other day. This realtor had reached out to me about “farms” in the mountains of Perez Zeledon. She’s known me for a long time and knew that I usually have a good inventory of these types of properties. She said her clients were looking for properties with altitude, privacy, a nice home and room to grow th...

01/04/2024 Costa Rica Real Estate Market Distinctions

Often times you’ll hear or read generalizations made about the Costa Rica real estate market as a whole that might just not hold true in all cases.In fact, I even wrote a post about the fact that in Costa Rica, the exceptions are the general rules.One reason that these generalizations might not hold true is because they fail to take into account certain distinctions betwe...

Costa Rica Expat Properties

Your mountain or beach dream home can be found here. Scott Bowers is an agent with Coldwell Banker - Vesta Group - Costa Rica, serving the Southern Pacific coast and mountainous area of Perez Zeledon. The Southern Zone is the most pristine and untouched area left in Costa Rica and a great place to consider for Costa Rica expat living. Connect with me to start living your dream life in Costa Rica!

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