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I am a naturalized citizen of Costa Rica. I first arrived (from the U.S.) in 2001 to broker a deal that sold one of the country’s premier private universities to a U.S. publicly-held education company. Since 2004 I’ve arranged eco-intensive Costa Rica vacation tours to locations throughout the country, as well as Nicaragua, Panama and Colombia. In addition to serving as an agent with the Coldwell Banker Dominical Realty team since 2015, I offer Expat Consulting and conduct guided Expat Tours.

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quote quote If you're going to the southern part of Costa Rica or looking to buy then I highly recommend Scott Bowers. You definitely won't regret it. Angela Spraakman-Weed

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12/02/2024 Costa Rica Real Estate Market in 2024

Let’s face it fellow realtors, U.S. presidential election years are not generally friendly to real estate markets anywhere, be it Costa Rica or worldwide!And this is an “election year” like no other in history.Now I’m not going to get political by disclosing who I’m pulling for. I believe many of my readers already have a good idea about that&helli...

11/02/2024 Costa Rica Buyer’s Agent versus Seller’s Agent

After having spent a few years working as a real estate agent in Costa Rica's southern zone, I've started to notice something important. And that is that most agents, especially beach-focused agents, tend to gravitate more towards being seller's agents than Costa Rica buyer's agents.The name of the game for success in real estate in the ultra-competitive beach market is listing...

15/01/2024 Costa Rica – A Land Where the Exceptions Are the General Rules

I’ve always said that in Costa Rica Murphy’s Law works overtime. You know, the one that postulates that whatever might go wrong, probably will.That “general rule” of life in Costa Rica is especially true when it comes to trying to move from Point A to Point B, in a car – and the tighter the time schedule the more certain that the law is bound to ki...

10/01/2024 The Costa Rica Real Estate Purchase Process

I get questioned often about how the Costa Rica real estate purchase process compares with that of the U.S., or Canada...The truth is, even though there are similarities, it does differ quite a bit. This article will walk you through the 4-strep process of completing your Costa Rica real estate deal.Granted, there are two distinct real estate market processes, one followed by l...

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Costa Rica Expat Properties

Your mountain or beach dream home can be found here. Scott Bowers is an agent with Coldwell Banker - Vesta Group - Costa Rica, serving the Southern Pacific coast and mountainous area of Perez Zeledon. The Southern Zone is the most pristine and untouched area left in Costa Rica and a great place to consider for Costa Rica expat living. Connect with me to start living your dream life in Costa Rica!

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